Surviving Death – Gambling Machines

In October 2016, I had ballooned (again) to 386 pounds. The decades of corruption I had accustomed to myself all culminated with the adumbration that I was at my everyman point in activity and bare to accomplish a change or things were traveling to get ugly.

I fabricated a boxy accommodation to accept a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with a world-renown surgeon, based in Mexico. For two weeks, I affianced in a aqueous diet and anon abandoned 20 lbs. I flew to Mexico and had the surgery, which went off after a hitch. I seemed to accept aught complications and was acute about my access appear the process. I did aggregate my doctors asked and followed the rules strictly.

During my pre-surgery phase, I was told to focus on bubbler 100 grams of protein every day. This complex anguish Muscle Milk’s like a champ. Obviously, I drank baptize and juices, forth with craven borsch to get me through the 14 days.

After my surgery, the doctors were blessed and told me to plan addition 2 weeks on the aforementioned aqueous diet and again I could move up to “soft foods”. Doing exactly, what I had done the antecedent 2 weeks, I drank my Muscle Milks, had the sugar-free popsicles, enjoyed egg bead soup borsch and did this, ad nauseum, for about a month.

On the endure day of my aqueous diet, I croaked.

You apprehend this right. I died for over 11 annual and had it not been for the aboriginal responders and agents of ladies at Vitacare in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I wouldn’t accept survived. Evidently there are two things your physique badly needs to break anatomic – Potassium and Magnesium.

I did absolutely what I had done afore the anaplasty and drank my Muscle Milk’s like a acceptable boy. In actuality, I bare to be bubbler added Powerade Zeros and Gatorades. If your physique goes beneath a 2.0 annual for Potassium, your affection just quits.

As I went about my morning, I had a slight abdomen ache, which was no altered than annihilation I had accomplished before. I’m consistently annoyed and wasn’t activity like walking about abundant that day. My acquaintance went central Vitacare to get his C-PAP apparatus bankrupt and if he came aback out, I was gone.

Freaking out, he rushed aback central and alleged 911. The ladies had CPR training, so they ran alfresco and abject me out of the car. They massaged my affection until the paramedics arrived. Already they got there, my clothes were disconnected and they pulled out this affair alleged “The Plunger”, which was an easier way to administrate CPR.

An average-sized getting about receives 4 paddle blasts. Due to my ample size, they gave me 7, for some reason. They said that I was assuming signs of advance from anniversary blast, but still hadn’t revived. The 7th was the endure blow I would accept and luckily for me, my affection started assault abundant to get me to the hospital.

The next appearance of my adventure was to St. Francis Hospital, area they put me into this “ice suit” and induced a blackout that lasted 2 days. During this 48 hour period, the doctors told anyone that would accept the following:

a) I’m a lot of acceptable traveling to die.

b) If I don’t die, I will be a vegetable the blow of my life.

c) I accept a beneath than 1% adventitious of survival.

d) The affairs of achievement or added complications are high.

While this is all traveling on, my Facebook annual abounding with thoughts and prayers, accompany collection in up to 6 hours, just to sit in the cat-and-mouse allowance for a response. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to see me in the ICU, but they capital to drive in to pay their respects.

Even today, I am still ashamed and agape by the adulation I received. We tend to go through life, just getting who we are and sometimes absent to what we leave in our wake. This afterlife acquaintance showed me that I’m not worthless, that I accept fabricated a absolute appulse on humans and that I am appreciated. I’ve lived with the centralized apocryphal anecdotal that I’m inconsequential.

According to the paramedics, I was asleep for over 11 annual and accomplished seizures due to the abridgement of oxygen to my brain. This has led to some concise anamnesis problems that I started experiencing, abandoned recently.

When I larboard the hospital in December 2016, I couldn’t even airing to the bath after help. I’ve had to airing apathetic and get centered on abandoned what I can do. My activity akin is still woefully low and I am clumsy to plan a approved day job. Since I’m accepted as a chameleon, I’ve had to ad-lib a bit.

Over the advance of the endure 13 months, I’ve formed harder on blame my limitations and can now airing several afar a day. The hardest affair about ambidextrous with this “new” activity is that from the close up, I’m the aforementioned guy I’ve consistently been. I anticipate I can plan 60 hours a week, airing assorted afar every individual day, eat a big bowl of aliment and do all of the things I acclimated to do afore I died.

My new reality, sadly, is that I’ll do absolutely what the lower allotment of my physique tells me to do and like it! Naps every 5 hours, the adeptness to eat a simple atom of what I already could eat, alienated foods that actualize calamity for my abdomen – THIS is the new reality.

The hardest allotment about this new activity is rewiring my academician to apprentice new routines. There is an affecting adapter to every individual blazon of aliment I eat. A aliment account from a approved restaurant can activate a addicted anamnesis from over a decade ago. It’s harder to accept that I’ve been a closet affecting eater my absolute life.

Some humans accept adulterous drugs, others accept booze or gambling. My carnality has consistently been food. I’m absolutely no angel and am far from my ambition goals, but my new account accepted consists of doctor visits, bloodwork, earning money carrying through the Postmates adaptable app, gluttonous out advice capital signs for JobSpotter, blogging about amusing media, accessory abbey consistently and award means to feel accordant and productive.

I anguish from Anemia and haven’t had activity for about 30 years. I’m annoyed all of the time. As doctors abide to do lab plan to amount out absolutely what is causing my issues, all I can do is address about my experiences, break absolute and blot the bottom out of every individual day.

For some reason, I’m on this planet still. I ability not accept the appropriate answers, but I strive to accomplish every individual day beggarly something. I’ve taken for accepted my abode in this apple until this bearings happened. The way I see it, this is all “bonus time” and I wish to accomplish a difference.

When I died, the lights artlessly if out. Thankfully, if I woke up, there were humans to acquaint me what had happened. There were no fair gates, white lights, angels or any of that. There were no admonishing signs that I best up on. Abdomen ache, lights out, death, revival, lights aback on.

The accepted aftereffect is that I’ve absent 115 pounds, can airing further than I anytime accept afore this happened, accept no abscess in my anxiety and am assuredly hopeful for a approaching area I’m somewhat productive. Afore I chose to accept the abdomen surgery, I was pessimistic, didn’t anticipate abundant about my activity and ample I would die abandoned and miserable.

I wrote this to allotment my acquaintance and back to you that no amount how (in)significant you feel your activity contributions accept been, to date, you matter. There are humans in your activity that affliction about you. There are humans you accept absolutely impacted. You may not apperceive that you’ve fabricated a aberration in their life, but they are out there.

Live every day with purpose and beleaguer yourself with humans that abandoned wish you to thrive. If you’ve got humans in your activity that consistently shoot down your ideas, acquaint you “No”, acknowledge that “you can’t” and accomplish you feel that you should never yield a risk, allotment means with those people. Activity is harder abundant after added humans consistently befitting you down. Yield chances. There’s no advance after a little bit of pain. You will not grow, if you just sit on your couch and watch the apple canyon you by.

Take a alley cruise to a adjacent town. Explore streets you can’t pronounce. Do something “against the grain”. Say “YES” added and see what this activity has to action you. The couch will consistently be there to sit on. Try something altered for a change of clip and stop mentally assault yourself up. You matter!